• MVP Sonic Group

    A Sweet Career From the First Sip

    From slushes to senior management, a SONIC job can lead to sweet financial and management rewards. Start here and get ready to skate into a career with one of the top brands in the United States.

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    A Sweet Career From the First Sip
  • Franchisee For Over Three Decades: Now in Three States

    MVP Sonic Group

    MVP stands for McClain, Vaughn and Partners, the ownership group for SONIC restaurants in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We think our leaders are MVP All-Stars! Read about them here.

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    MVP Sonic Group
  • Meet Buddy McClain, Our Founder

    My Story Can Be Your Story

    I worked my way up the ranks, learning  all the parts of the business, managing people, then becoming an owner. By working hard at SONIC, I turned the vision in my head into a life that I love. My dreams are coming true. See how.

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    My Story Can Be Your Story
  • The Sonic Brand

    Who ARE those two SONIC guys?

    They make us smile and make us hungry. SONIC has built national momentum as a brand. For you, it’s time to get on board and fulfill the bacon cheeseburger and chocolate shake needs of America.

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    Who ARE those two SONIC guys?

It's Fast. And it's Fun.

We roll with passion & spirit at the MVP SONIC GROUP

From the beginning, our CEO Buddy McClain had a fire and passion for SONIC. It is still a big part of who we are. SONIC is not another cookie-cutter fast food store. We are unique. No one marries the drive-in experience with made-to-order delicious food delivered by friendly, roller-skating carhops like SONIC. No one.


Browse our locations

Organized by States and Regions, browse our drive-in locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Being on the MVP team offers you lots of options and great places to live and work. Our mission is to deliver a unique, delicious, and delightful customer experience. We do this with great employees in great locations.

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Our franchise headquarters, Mississippi is a strong SONIC market with great places to live from the Gulf Coast to the Capital to northern farmlands.



Gulf breezes and sweet Tuscaloosa sunshine all characterize this culturally rich SONIC state of mind. See yourself at SONIC here.



It’s just like what you think Florida would be – fantastic weather, beaches and fun people to work (and surf) with at our SONIC sites.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of MVP SONIC GROUP is to deliver a unique, delicious, and delightful customer experience.

We accomplish this through employee teams that get top training and advance their careers.

We achieve profit growth by reaching tall goals with smart thinking and hard work.

What We Call MVP Sonic's Blog / News Blasts


MVP Sonic Sponsors Annual Turkey Drive

For the fourth year, WAPT News has partnered with Mississippi Food Network to help provide turkeys to needy families. The turkey […]

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How Do I Order ?

Yes, we have found that when SONIC is new to a town, people don’t know how to order. This happens […]

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The "IT FACTOR" | Blake Shelton at Sonic National Convention

About 2 years ago, Blake Shelton performed at a SONIC national convention. He was super, of course. After, one of […]

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We Love Our Customers

And They Love Us Right Back

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?


Our fresh, strong brand and growth trends make SONIC and the MVP SONIC GROUP the most desirable employer in our sector.
Plus, no one has as much fun as we do.
Just ask our employees.