For over 60 years, Sonic has been growing and we aren't showing any signs of stopping

Why Sonic?

Today, SONIC is the largest chain of drive-in restaurants in America. As a business, we continue to thrive by maintaining strong sales growth, industry-leading customer frequency, and high returns for our stockholders.  How do we achieved this? By sticking to what made drive-ins so popular in the first place! We specialize in made-to-order American classics, signature menu items, speedy service, and Super Sonic helpings of fun and personality. Not to mention who doesn’t like getting their food delivered by a skating carhop?

 Take a cruise through our website and see how you can become a part of our award winning team! You can join a team that helped make Sonic the success story it is today!

MVP Sonic Group

How you can Build a Career with us.


We at MVP are looking for people that are as dedicated and enthusiastic about Sonic as we are! Whether you are just starting out as a carhop or have experience running multiple units, MVP Sonic offers the chance for advancement and is a career that anyone can love.

When you join the MVP Sonic Group, we work with you to give you the skills that you need to become a leader in our organization


What's Your Sonic Story?

Demetrius Roberts

Demetrius Roberts

General Manager, Bay Springs, Mississippi / 2014 Winner of the MVP Hall of Fame Award

"I started as a cook when I was 17. I am managing my own store, met my wife through SONIC (said breaking into a smile), and I love working together with my store team. I am proud to represent SONIC and MVP and my community every day.”

Debbie Porter

Debbie Porter

MVP SONIC GROUP, Director of Human Resources / SONIC employee for 15 years

“College graduates want to know if there is a place for them in our organization. Yes. Yes is the answer because we will always need managers and leaders who want to take teams to high-performance levels and be part of a strong national brand while doing it.”

Sean Bennett

Sean Bennett

Multi-Unit Manager and General Manager SONIC D'Iberville, MS / Sold on the "SONIC dream" at 16 and now mentoring others

"Hurricane Katrina changed everything. I started in 2002 and have been a cook, on the fountain and ice cream stations, and then assistant manager. After the hurricane, restaurants were scarce and the market shifted tremendously. I became a manager and, since 2014, I have been responsible for two stores. As of 2017, I over see 5. My goal is to be a Director one day. I was sold on the "dream" at age 16. Today I value the time I can teach and mentor others."

Murphy Peyton

Murphy Peyton

General Manager of Monticello, MS

“I started at Sonic in the summer 2007 as a cook and was later cross trained as a carhop. Working hard, being dedicated, and being a great team leader caused me to get promoted to assistant manager in 2010. Once I became an assistant manager, I was eager to learn and exploring " The Sonic Way." I was soon promoted to operational manager. Learning to run a sonic was quite a challenge, but I was very determined to succeed. Mid 2012, I became a General Manager! I love my job, and someday I will have my drive-in at a 2 million dollar store. I would like to thank my McClain Sonics for this wonderful opportunity, I will continue to thrive and be the best General Manager I can be!”

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