and other often asked questions.

How can I become an MVP Intern?

Our internships are a new component that can enhance your educational and career experience. As an MVP Intern, you will learn about customer service, execution excellence, team work and critical skills that apply to the day to day duties required of an entry level manager.  This is a great way to build on skills and experiences that can serve you in any walk of life. Successful completion of the program can also lead to the start of a great career with MVP Sonics! To learn more contact us below.


Can SONIC really be a CAREER for me?

SONIC can absolutely be a long-term, financially successful and personally fulfilling career.  We boast of several employees who have made a lasting and fulfilling career with us. It is ultimately up to you!

I thought it was just a short-term job?

No, it is not just a place for short-term workers. In fact, we are proud that we have so many employees that have been with us for 5, 10, 20 + years!  We believe that says a lot about MVP SONIC GROUP, our culture and our leadership.

Trying to decide what to do after college?

Intern with MVP!

"What do I do next?" This is a question that most college students will ask themselves when faced with Graduation. "I almost have my degree, but what do i do now?" MVP Sonic group has the answer for you! We are proud to say that we offer paid internships! We believe that an internship is the perfect way to get your foot in the door and start towards an exciting career.

With an Internship with MVP you will learn how to combine your college education with real work experience. To learn more about our internships and what Sonic can have in store for you. To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please email us your resume and questions.

Intern With Sonic

What is the Fast Track program?

The future can be a daunting thought to a new graduate just starting out with diploma in hand….

With the MVP SONIC GROUP, your future can be closer than you think. We offer an exciting opportunity to college graduates of all ages called the Fast Track program. The Fast Track program is an accelerated program that will prepare you for multi-unit supervision within five years.  Our Fast Track managers are leaders in quality, advocates for safety and cleanliness, and people who understand our customer needs.

The Fast Track program focuses on enhance your skills and experience to help you lead teams and stores to new heights. It is our culture to nurture your growth and help you achieve success within our company. We offer you a way to combine your education with a rewarding career, by giving you training and experience on a fast track that can move you towards an exciting Career with Sonic.


To learn more about our Fast Track program, contact us