The SONIC® Community First Value Card is a great way to raise money for and promote your local organization in the community. Each card has a minimum value of $25 and features exclusive discounts on SONIC® products. Organizations can sell the individual cards for $5 each and keep 100% of the profit. Because SONIC® cares about being a good partner in supporting the community.


To be considered for the Community value card:

Things you need to include in your email:

  • Name of your organization and a brief overview of the organization
  • How many people will be selling the cards
  • How many cards each person is to sell
  • How many cards you want to obtain
  • What your organization will be using the money raised towards

After you have submitted this email for our records, you will then receive an email stating whether or not your organization has been approved to receive the cards. If approved you would then pick up the cards from our office in Ridgeland.